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A week in pubs: w/c 22 November 2010

Pub visits this week 3 Locations Sheffield, Nottingham Is it ever good news that a pub should close? I remember the Yorkshire Grey here in Sheffield being demolished three or four years ago. It was not a pub I’d enjoyed visiting, and I’d probably end up making greater use of the multi-storey car park built … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 20 September 2010

Pub visits this week 4 Locations Sheffield, Nottingham The other week at Get to the pub.com we looked at the news about cask ale increasing its market share for the first time in yonks. All the other coverage seemed universally upbeat, but I wasn’t convinced that a small increase in the share of a declining … Continue reading

The Bell, Angel Row, Nottingham

Visited: Saturday 19 June 2010 I’m in the hall of the Bell, crouching to the floor to photograph the flagstones. They’re an unusual feature, like a piece of the outdoors coming in. A bouncer asks what I’m up to – not in a threatening way; he’s just curious. I’m sort of curious too – as … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 14 June 2010

Pub visits this week: 6 Just the two nights out this week, pub fans: a midweeker here in Sheffield to watch me some World Cup, and a tremendous popshow in Nottingham on Saturday night. Thrilling pub news from S6! The gaffer responsible for the Sheaf View over in Heeley – one of the finest licensed … Continue reading