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A week in pubs: w/c 10 May 2010

Pub visits this week: 8 I went on a pub crawl this week. Five pubs. On a school night! A good pub crawl is an elusive beast. They never work if you say: “Right, let’s go on a pub crawl!” Just when you’re about to move on to the next pub, someone always gets another … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 12 April 2010

Pub visits this week: 7 One of the first pubs I went to this week was a genuine Irish pub. It made me think back ten years or so, to the time when Ireland was globally fashionable and every time you turned round another pub had been made over with fake Dublin street signs and … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 8 March 2010

Pub visits this week: 8 I don’t know about you, but Get to the pub.com is feeling a warm breeze of optimism lately. The Sheffield Tap has been a huge success since it opened in December. Near my home the Royal Hotel has reopened and is crying out for a visit. And back in Sheffield … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 1 February 2010

Pub visits this week: 9 Food seems to have been a recurrent theme this week in pubs. When I moved to Sheffield one of the great things about the pubs was the food, but some of the great vegetarian pub eats around here seemed to either disappear or diminish afterwards. All the better, then, to … Continue reading