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A Week in Pubs: w/c 7 June 2010

Pub visits this week: 7 (all in Sheffield) For a few years starting with Euro 96, I would troop religiously to the New Talbot, my old local in Birmingham, every single time there was a football match involving England on TV. But since I moved away from the Broadfield last year to the other side … Continue reading


A week in pubs: w/c 15 February 2010

Pub visits this week: 3 When I first started updating this blog regularly, way back at the beginning of 2010, I couldn’t get to the pub as much as I wanted, for two reasons. One was illness. The other was there was snow everywhere. In a crazy flashback to those distant days, I haven’t got … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 1 February 2010

Pub visits this week: 9 Food seems to have been a recurrent theme this week in pubs. When I moved to Sheffield one of the great things about the pubs was the food, but some of the great vegetarian pub eats around here seemed to either disappear or diminish afterwards. All the better, then, to … Continue reading

Freedom House, South Road, Walkley, Sheffield

Visited: Saturday 23 January 2010 I think it was in Pete Brown‘s Man Walks into a Pub where I read about the origins of the two-room pub. You know the division between, stereotypically, ‘bar’ and ‘lounge’: respectively, a rougher and readier spit-and-sawdust room where the dartboard and the loud young men are, and a more … Continue reading