There are many good pub and beer blogs, and quite a few great ones. Here are a handful that have caught my eye. Let me know about others that you think should be here.

If you’re linking to me, then (a) thanks ever so much! and (b) would you mind using the name Get to the pub.com please, so it appears like that, because the .com is part of the name and everything? Ta!

Beer Lens
Striking and original pub photography

Campaign for Really Good Beer (CAMRGB)
Promoting quality pint, without the baggage

A FemAle View: Sophie Atherton’s beer blog
Beer writing as it should be: honest, unpretentious and welcoming

I might have a glass of beer
Clear-headed, distinctive, informed and sometimes provocative beer and pub writing, often with a Glasgow perspective

London Pubology
The capital’s boozers, both past and present, set about with an almost academic exhaustiveness

Pete Brown’s Beer Blog
Probably the most influential beer writer in Britain, and probably with complete justification

The politics of drinking… and more
Brilliant insight and essential reading from Phil Mellows on the wider issues that threaten pub culture

Pictures of cats in pubs. Quite possibly my favourite website in the whole world

Real Ale Blog
Compelling, no-nonsense stuff, from the average drinker’s rather than the ticker’s point of view

Tandleman’s Beer Blog
Knowledgeable, prolific, and “a strong supporter of Northern methods of beer dispense”: that’s doing it for me

Tim Hampson’s Beer Blog
Professionally written, wide-ranging and kind, Tim’s blog will always tell you something you didn’t already know

Travels With Beer
Excellently designed pub blog with an emphasis on London, south-west England and south Wales

Wee Beefy’s beer and pub blog
A fellow Sheffield blogger with a thorough approach and a down-to-earth style

Another blogger who knows much more than I do about beer, and with an elegant turn of phrase to boot


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