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Our friends in the north

I’ve just been exploring a handful of places on the east coast where I’d never been before. But the amazing cordiality of the pubs left me feeling right at home. Continue reading

This is what’s happening with the blog

Well, I’ve ummed and I’ve ah-ed. I’ve cogitated and I’ve ruminated. I’ve looked over your ideas too. And after many tortuous hours of weighing up pros, cons, sixes of one and half a dozens of the other, I’ve formulated a plan to reinvigorate this site with a revolutionary new approach to blogging. I’m just going … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 22 August 2011

Pub visits this week 7 Locations Grimsby, Sheffield, Manchester This week in pubs has been a little busier than I might have anticipated, given the devastation visited on my insides by last week‘s stag weekend in Brighton. It begins on Tuesday night, at the Rutland Arms (featured here), a desolate, down-at-heel boozer on the back … Continue reading

A week in pubs: w/c 15 August 2011

Pub visits this week 4 (plus some other places that sold drink but weren’t pubs) Locations Haywards Heath, Brighton, London It’s quite a big place, Brighton, isn’t it? And I gather from folk like Phil Mellows that it has quite a few good pubs too. So, what with Get to the pub.com having just spent … Continue reading