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The Criterion, Leicester

One of my Rules of Pub is: never drink in a pub with a flat roof. It’s a rule with a sub-clause. The sub-clause is: except the Criterion. Five minutes ago my bandmates and I were getting off a train at Leicester station and tumbling into a taxi. Now we’re standing at the bar in … Continue reading

Back to the Hallamshire House

The Hallamshire House was the first pub I blogged about on this site, back in January 2009, so it seems a fitting place to start things moving again now. For them as doesn’t know, the Hallamshire is a comfy suburban local in the Commonside area of Sheffield, about five minutes’ walk from where I live. … Continue reading

Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath, West Sussex

Visited: Friday 19 August 2011 I am in a station pub on a Friday night, in a town I’ve only vaguely even heard of. It’s a lively place but I don’t know a soul. In a strange sort of way, I’m relishing this. Here’s the context. I’m on my way to my brother’s stag weekend. … Continue reading

Fagan’s, Broad Lane, Sheffield

Visited: Sunday 27 February 2011 Whenever anyone has asked me why I’ve chosen to live in Sheffield, I mention a few different things. It’s got a nice, laid-back sort of feel about it, which you don’t often find in major cities. I find the people friendlier than in many other places. It’s on the doorstep … Continue reading