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This is an alphabetical directory of every pub with a visit mentioned in Get to the pub.com. If you click on the name of somewhere, it’ll bring up the most recent post that mentions a visit to that particular pub; to then access any earlier ones, use the ‘Previous entries’ link at the bottom of that post. Most of these will be in the ‘A week in pubs’ posts, but some (as you’ll see below) are in full-length features, and you can single these out for a look by clicking where it says ‘featured’.

If a pub has ‘featured’ status, that doesn’t necessarily mean Get to the pub.com likes or recommends it above other places that are just mentioned in passing. I mean I often do, but not always.

Abbot Cook, Reading
Actress & Bishop, Birmingham
The Albion, London
The Ale House, Sheffield
The Ale Wagon, Leicester
The Anchor, Bristol
The Anchor, Birmingham

The Barge, Grimsby (featured)
Barley Mow, Chesterfield (featured)
Baron Cadogan, Reading
Barrels Ale House, Berwick-upon-Tweed
Bar 27, Sheffield
Bath Hotel, Sheffield
The Beehive, St Albans
The Beehive, Sheffield
The Bell, Nottingham (featured)
Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield
Blake Hotel, Sheffield
Blue Bell, York (featured)
Bluebell Inn, Tissington
The Blue Posts, London
The Bowery, Sheffield
Bree Louise, London
Brewery Tap, Leeds (featured)
Bridge Inn, Rotherham
The Broadfield, Sheffield
Brown Bear, Sheffield
Brunswick Inn, Derby (featured)
Buffalo Bar, London
Bull’s Head, Ashford in the Water
The Bunch of Cherries, St Albans
Bungalows & Bears, Sheffield
Bunkers Hill, Nottingham
Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath (featured)

The Cadbury, Bristol
Captain Cook, Staithes
Cask, London
Castle Hotel, Manchester
The Chameleon, Nottingham
Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope
The Closed Shop, Sheffield
Coach & Horses, Dronfield (featured)
Coachmakers Arms, Stoke-on-Trent (featured)
Cobden View, Sheffield
Cod & Lobster, Staithes
Compton Arms, London (featured)
The Congress, Stoke-on-Trent
Coopers Tavern, Burton-on-Trent (featured)
The Corn Dolly, Bradford (featured)
The Cremorne, Sheffield
The Criterion, Leicester (featured)
Crooked Billet, Colney Heath
The Crown, St Albans
Crucible Bar, Sheffield
Cumberland Arms, Tynemouth

Dam House, Sheffield
Devonshire Cat, Sheffield
Dog & Bull, London
Dog & Partridge, Sheffield
Doubletree Hotel, Cambridge
The Dragon, Nottingham

Euston Tap, London (featured)

Fagan’s, Sheffield (featured)
The Famous Cock, London
The Fat Cat, Sheffield
Fellows Morton & Clayton, Nottingham
The Fighting Cock, Bradford
The Florence, London
The Florist, Sheffield
The Forum, Sheffield
The Fox on the Hill, London
Freedom House, Sheffield (featured)
Frog & Parrot, Sheffield

Gardeners Rest, Sheffield
George & Vulture, London (featured)
The Glasshouse, Doncaster
The Goat, St Albans
The Grapes, Sheffield
Green Dragon, London
The Greystones, Sheffield
Gulliver’s, Grimsby

Hallamshire House, Sheffield (featured)
The Hadfield, Sheffield
The Harlequin, Sheffield
The Harley, Sheffield
The Harp, London
Henry’s, Sheffield
Hillsborough Hotel, Sheffield
The Hobgoblin, Reading
Horatio’s, Brighton
Horse & Groom, Hatfield
HUBS, Sheffield

The Imperial, Cleethorpes (featured)
Interval, Sheffield
Island Bar, Birmingham

Jam Café, Nottingham
Jekyll & Hyde, Birmingham
Jerusalem Tavern, London

Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield
King & Queen, London
Kings Royal, Cleethorpes (aka Mucky Muldoon’s)

The Lamb, London
Lass O’ Gowrie, Manchester
Lescar Hotel, Sheffield
Lord John Russell, London
The Lord Roberts, Nottingham

The Midland, Matlock Bath
The Mill, Cambridge
The Mothers’ Ruin, Bristol

New Adelphi Club, Hull
New Beehive Inn, Bradford (featured)
Noah’s Ark, Sheffield
The Number 2, Cleethorpes

Old Contemptibles, Birmingham
Old Fish Market, Bristol
Old Grindstone, Sheffield
Old Heavygate Inn, Sheffield (featured)
The Old House at Home, Birmingham
Old Joint Stock, Birmingham
100 Club, London

Pilot Inn, Berwick-upon-Tweed
Pitcher & Piano, Brighton
Pivni, York
The Plough, Sheffield
Princess Royal, Sheffield
Priory Arms, London

Ranmoor Inn, Sheffield
Red Deer, Sheffield
Red House, Sheffield
Red Lion, Sheffield
Red Lion, Bakewell
Rising Sun, Sheffield
Rising Sun Arts Centre, Reading
Rose Cottage, Matlock Bath
Roxy Bar & Screen, London
Royal George, London
Royal George, Staithes
Royal Standard, London
Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London
Rutland Arms, Grimsby (featured)
Rutland Arms, Sheffield (featured)
Rutland Arms Hotel, Bakewell

The Sand Bar, Manchester
Scala, London
The Shakespeare, Sheffield
Sheaf View, Sheffield
Sheffield Tap, Sheffield (featured)
The Ship, Sheffield
Ship & Shovell, London
Southampton Arms, London
Speak Easy, Nottingham
The Springvale, Sheffield
The Stag, Sheffield
Star & Garter, Manchester
Star & Garter, Sheffield
The Stock Room, Sheffield
Swigs, Grimsby
Sycamore Inn, Parwich (featured)

Tap & Spile, Grimsby
Tap & Tumbler, Nottingham
Three Cranes, Sheffield
Three Merry Lads, Sheffield
Three Tuns, Sheffield
The Trawlerman, Cleethorpes
Trinity Arms, London
Tynemouth Lodge Hotel, Tynemouth

Union Hotel, Sheffield
University Arms, Sheffield
University of Sheffield Students’ Union, Sheffield

The Victoria, Birmingham

Walkley Cottage, Sheffield
The Washington, Sheffield
Waterend Barn, St Albans (featured)
The Wellington, Birmingham (featured)
The Wellington, Sheffield
Wenlock Arms, London (featured)
The West End, Sheffield
The Wheatsheaf, Grimsby
White Hart Tap, St Albans
White Horse, London
White Horse, London Colney
White Lion, Sheffield
The White Star, Stoke-on-Trent
Willy’s, Cleethorpes
Wilmington Arms, London
The Windmill, London

Yard of Ale, Birmingham
The York, Sheffield
York Tap, York


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