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Nobody wants this Sainsbury’s

Nobody wants this Sainsbury’s

The Hadfield is another pub we’ve lost… but the people living nearby still want to have their say Continue reading

By the way...

  • An exciting new feature is currently being advertised at the Cavendish here in Sheffield. It's an "interactive jukebox"! I have to say, I vastly prefer these new interactive jukeboxes. They're so much better than the old non-interactive jukeboxes, where you didn't put any money in or choose a song or anything.
  • Props to the Red Deer here in Sheffield: as well as being located a handy 38 seconds' walk from my desk, they've responded brilliantly to some constructive feedback. I had my lunch there last Friday. Corn fritters. Tasty enough, but overpriced at seven quid for a few mouthfuls. I mentioned this to them on Twitter afterwards. They replied to say they'll make the portions bigger and I can have a free pint next time I go in. Champion!
  • There's a great irony about the Sunday dinner pub, (which I neglected to mention when I blogged about Sunday dinner pubs. It's that even the dinner, Sunday or otherwise, is usually shit. But today my in-laws took me to the Speckled Hen in St Albans for lunch, and it was great. A sort of bean curry thing with skewered paneer. OK, so the beer looked so unappetising that I didn't even have a pint. The food, though - excellent. I'm still in shock.
  • At the University Arms, people form a linear, post office-style queue at the bar, rather than just nudging in where there's a space and waiting for their turn. I don't know whether this is down to the physical layout of the pub or the cerebral nature of the clientele. But it's the only pub I can think of where this happens. What about you?

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